Summer Solstice Creative Goddess Retreat

June 19-21, 2020


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Our Intention

The intention of this retreat is to create a container for spiritual and creative growth through art, energy healing and connection. Living is art, you are a form of art and art is healing. We heal ourselves and each other by allowing ourselves the freedom to express authentically.

By creating a safe space for artistic and energetic expression we raise our vibration.

A space where the wild feminine can be expressed.


The Venue

Sugar ridge Retreat Centre

Located on 150 acres of majestic maple and cedar forests, lush meadows and surrounded by 3000 acres of provincial land, you can breathe fresh air, sleep deeply and feel revitalized. With 20 km of trails accessible from the property for hiking or skiing; so you can walk for hours and not see another person or find a special place to sit still in the forest.

View their website HERE

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Cultivating Creativity and Healing through Art and Energy Work

Just Be


What to Expect…

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Arrival & Departure Ceremonies

With Megan Rae


We will begin and end the retreat with short and simple group gatherings. This will be a safe space to share your intention(s) for the retreat and what you feel you’re leaving with at the end.

Sharing is not required, you may simply just want to share energy.

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Intuitive Painting

With Liz Chamberlain

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Crystals & Energy Healing

With Lauren Peart


Beginning with a short, guided meditation to let go of what came before and to be in the present moment. connect with the inner self; the child-like goddess that is at the core, allowing her to speak as you cover your canvas in colour.

Draw inspiration from nature, meditation and intuition as Liz guides you through the painting process and you create your own Renewal Tree Figure that embodies your inner goddess.

With the support and empowerment of the group, connect with your inner child and allow yourself to play; releasing expectation and perfectionism by embracing every single stroke of expressive colour.

coming soon…


About the facilitators…

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Megan Rae

Megan is a wearer of many hats.

Proud single momma of a three year old son and hella ambitious.

She began her journey as a pop-surrealist artist in 2009 after finishing her first completed body of work. Shortly after, she graduated from the Visual and Creative Arts Program Sheridan College in 2013.

She quickly realized that painting was not her only passion, she loved to bring people together. In 2015 she began curating popup group shows featuring Underground and Pop-surrealist Artists while also organizing & teaching large group painting events.

10 years later, she has expanded her passion for the Arts to speaking, mentorship and spirituality.

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Lauren Peart

Lauren dove headfirst into meditation, holistic healing, essential oils & energy healing to help ease living with daily chronic pain & anxiety following an accident where she was hit by a drunk driver.

Lauren has come to embrace the accident as a catalyst for her healer journey, having discovered living many past lives as a healer.

In addition to being a master teacher of Dyanstir, Aqualead and Queldon, Lauren is a registered Reiki Master teacher with the Canadian Reiki Association.

Lauren runs multiple healing certifications, empath workshops and helps clients understand the Chakra systems.

“The mind is everything. What you think you become”-Buddah

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Liz Chamberlain

Liz began her artist journey following a head injury that left her changed forever.

Through art she learned the necessity of self-care; to nurture her inner child in order to be emotionally present. Liz embraced play and experimentation; trust and belief; abandoning self-criticism and perfectionism.

Liz uses her art to work through emotions, thoughts and fears; to practice coping strategies that can be applied to everyday life. She has found peace and joy through art as an active form of meditation.



Can I make payments towards my spot?

We do have a two payment option, please email to enquire.

I want to come with a group, will we be able to room together?

Each cabin can accommodate up to 4 people so if you have a group of 4 or less you may bunk together.
If you have a group larger than 4 you will need to split into separate cabins and may be bunking with those outside your group. A great opportunity to make some new connections!

What will I need to bring?

You wont need to bring anything other than basics for a two night stay; change of clothes and basic toiletries.
Keep in mind it will be summertime and most likely very warm. It is suggested that you bring sunscreen and bug repellent as well.