Writing your Bio: Why People Want to get to Know You

Hello Artists, Creative People and those who just stumbled upon this blog and is wondering what the heck is going on. Happy Monday to you, hope you’re enjoying a hot cup of coffee on this fine Morning.

So, I want to talk about writing your bio/about me and why your story is important to connect with your audience.

It’s very rare that someone will buy (and continue to buy) your work based on the physical piece of artwork alone. More often than not I have had people approach me and want to know the story behind a piece. Now, up until recently, this made me extremely uncomfortable.

For myself, my work is very personal, and usually tells a story or represents a time in my life where I was struggling. Not usually something I wanted to talk about.

Here’s the thing, people want to know you and your story. Not because they’re nosy or want to pry; but because they want to connect with you on a human level that goes beyond something that just looks cool.

So, how can you practice telling your story? A good starting point is your Bio and your About Me. You can also check out my blog, Telling you Story with your Artist Statement, to learn how to tell the story that’s in your work.

So, what are a Biography and an About Me and what are the difference between the two?

Your About Me is where your artist statement and biography collide. It is a less formal written piece and can include personal details about you, fun facts about your work, where you live, hobbies or interests other than art. It can be used as a place to let your personality really shine through.

Your Bio is a formally written piece that communicates your resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV) - I will be going over how to write your CV next week. It summarizes your achievements and information about your practice and can include personal info that wouldn’t usually be included on a CV or Resume.

Being a successful Artist means being able to communicate and be authentic.

If you’re ready to start telling your story, I’ve put together a FREE workbook, below, to help build your Bio and About Me. Don’t keep your story inside you!

Stay Boundless.

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