Oh hey there! If you’ve stumbled upon this page you’d probably like to know more about me. I’m Megan! And like most humans, I stumbled through life not knowing my purpose, unable to reach my full potential, wondering what the heck I was doing on this planet.

As an Artist turned Curator turned Coach, I’ve come to think of myself as human badass hell bent on living my best, authentic life while helping others in the process. My life’s purpose is to reach the fullest expression of the me that is me so that I can inspire and birth awesomeness in others.

I am a proud advocate for Underground Arts and Culture, Cultivating Creativity, empowering Creative Humans and Manifesting Abundance.

I’m not your typical coach. I will challenge you, I will push you out of your comfort zone and I will 100% work with you to help you become the badass human you were meant to be. We all come here with a purpose, we are all needed. If you feel you’re not living up to your fullest potential and need some guidance, I can help.