Artist Statement

My Practice focuses on self-realization through juxtaposing imagery and subject matter based on visualizations through meditation. By using meditation to self reflect, I allow energy and inner wisdom to guide my imagination, which forms visualizations.  At Present, my work has developed based on my journey of self-awareness and nurturing what it actually means to connect and be human.

Each illustrative painting is done on wood further emphasizing the organic qualities of my work. Using the wood’s natural ability to absorb liquid I am able to achieve a watercolour effect through working and reworking many layers of paint, resulting in fluid movement and vivid colours.

My current work primarily focuses on female form(s) and elements from nature, bringing both together in a beautiful harmony. Where my previous work shrouded my deepest intent, my current work brings it to light. I no longer wish to hide the deepest desires of my heart, but declare my freedom to express them through my work.